Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spread the Word

Sooo...I am sick.  I am currently missing the Denver Chalk Art Festival and I am MAD AS HELL about it.  On the plus side, I had a fantastic hike yesterday (five miles around Three Sisters in Evergreen) and I now get to eat all the gingersnaps I want for my upset little tummy.  Courtesy of my mother (who did not bake them but was kind enough to buy them for me, along with some crackers and applesauce.  Love you, Mom!).

Anyway.  So I was thinking about my quasi-creative rut yesterday, and how much I've been wanting things lately.  Things things, like a flask for boozin' and a stand mixer for my kitchen, but also not-things things, like more free time and less self-consciousness.  I feel like some people in my life have some of these things, and I WANT them, dammit!

Then I came to my senses.  If I can be honest without sounding conceited, I happen to be very good at recognizing my own flaws and taking responsibility for my own happiness.  I was being silly.  Instead of envying my friends I should be thanking them, rejoicing in them and finding inspiration from them.  Like Christine.  I admire her honesty and artistry and I love how relatable she is on her own blog.

Or Rachel, who is a pistol of a girl and seemingly comfortable in her own skin.  She is a free spirit, in my eyes.  I know she has her insecurities just like the rest of us, but I admire her ability to plunge ahead and be herself regardless.

And there's Ashley, who I always regarded as one of my most sincere friends.  Ashley will always listen to you and will, without pause, let you know when she herself feels inspired by you.  It's very kind.

And my boyfriend, Brent.  He is infinitely patient with me and I have no freaking idea why sometimes.  He is open to any criticism and takes what I say as a means of bettering himself instead of becoming defensive.  Even if sometimes he shouldn't.

Then there's this guy I used to hang out with back in the day, before he moved to South Dakota (weird). He was always trying something new or pursuing whatever he fancied at the moment, be it hockey or cello or playing on a kickball team while drinking beer.  I admire his spontaneity and his genuine appreciation for what life has to offer, even when life is sometimes just a day at a blue-collar job.

I could really go on and on.  None of these people are perfect.  Not a one.  But each of them as something wondrous about them that I can look up to and draw inspiration from.  They should know these great things about themselves, but at the moment I feel too shy to tell them.  Is that cheesy?  Would it be weird?  "Hey, friend, you inspire me oodles."  Awkward?  Maybe I should just go ahead and do it...and if I have to do it then you should too.  Tell someone the next time they're awesome.  Spread the love, right?

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