Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spendy McSpenderson

So lately I've been reading this cool blog called And Then She Saved (Denver-based, yeah yeah!) about Anna Newell Jones' Spending Fast (and now Spending Diet) to pay down her debt.  It's been inspiring and eye-opening, and even though I have no debt and generally live within my means, I've decided that I, too, should go on a spending diet.  Or, as the regular folk might say, a budget.

I'm conflicted about how to do this.  I mean it's the middle of the month, and I just need so much.  Like that new little paneled cabinet thing I just bought (albeit at Goodwill - only $10).  Or the flowey purpley spring hoodie I just put in my online shopping cart at Anthropolgie.com (on sale!) that will totally go with my gray cigarette pants I just bought at Buffalo Exchange (also thrifted - and half off - only $8!!).  These things help me envision the artsy eclectic bohemian life I am absolutely meant to live...they're essential, clearly.

Okay, okay, so I'm apparently already pretty thrifty.  Writing out my latest purchases (not including the 1888-1988 National Geographic index book I bought for art projects, also from Goodwill) made me realize I'm actually creative and frugal when I make personal purchases.  But still, I buy a lot of household items and new clothes and what not because of how I'm sure they'll make me feel, because I can just see the life I want in them, which isn't really the case.  And anyway, my biggest expenditures by far are on food and eating out (compulsive overeating is wicked wasteful, fyi - which is what I do when I'm too emotional.  Like majorly.  I'm really working on it.).

I'm also excited about getting my hands dirty and getting REALLY creative in my daily living, so I think this spending diet/budget will be a great idea.  The question now is when to start: on the one hand, there's no time like the present, but on the other hand it makes sense to start at the beginning of a month.  I also need to think of rules for myself (and at the same time recommit myself to my NO DAILY SUGAR rule); Anna's were a good start but not exactly what I need.  So this is my project for the next few days: decide how I want to live my life in respect to money (and, by association, food).  It'll be fun and force me to be crafty and simplify - my next post will be the rules, and then it begins!

Side note: I use a lot of parentheses in this post, no?

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