Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Really Want

Okay, so I must confess I haven't really sat down and made a well-thought out list of rules and guidelines for my diets, budget and otherwise.  However, an anxiety-ridden and frivolous evening has compelled me to write this post (as in, right NOW), so here are my rules, completely on the fly:

Spending Diet Rules (effective Wednesday, June 1):
  1. All necessary expenses will be paid in full: rent, utilities, internet, cell phone, cat food, prescriptions, gas*, and any essential incidentals (doctor's co-pays, car insurance, veterinary bills).
  2. I will buy gas as needed, but try to keep the total at or less than $200/month.
  3. I will eat in and buy groceries as needed, but only "essential" items, as defined by my good judgment; since I want to cook real, wholesome meals and eat well, I won't limit myself to cheap foods, but I will only buy "treats" (i.e., snack foods or desserts) once a week.  Although I don't have a limit, my goal will be to not spend more than $200 a month on groceries.
  4. I will withdraw $100 at the beginning of each month and use this for eating out, clothes, entertainment, etc.  I will not go over this amount.  For now this also includes craft and art items, but since I'm essentially starting a business around this I might have to make a separate allowance for these items in the future.
  5. I will mend, make or beg anything I possibly can.
Eating Diet Rules (effective Sunday, May 22):
  1. I will only eat sugar (as in something that might clearly be considered candy or a dessert) once a week.  It will only be one item and not exceed 500 calories.  However, I may have honey and dark (at least 70%) chocolate in moderation.
  2. I will cut back on processed snack foods and eliminate high fructose corn syrup from my diet whenever I have the choice/knowledge.
  3. I will keep my calorie intake at or less than 1500 calories at least six days a week.
  4. Er...I guess that's it?  I actually eat pretty well when it comes to meals, it's just the snacking and REALLY the sugar that get me to the point of binge-eating.  So I guess those first two rules, with the help of my budget stipulations, that will keep the crappy refined foods at bay.

I know some of these rules are pretty vague and I could possibly argue my own way around them since some of them rest on my "better judgment", but I have faith I'll do the right thing.  I want this.  I'm sick of starting over tomorrow, of saying that soon things will be different.  I'm sick of failing.  As someone who's being dragged behind the wagon she fell off of, I'm making the final decision to just get up and walk.

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