Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pre-Budget Jitters

Aight.  It's the night before my super-extreme budget kicks in and...I already have a week/weekend chock full 'o things to do.   Things that cost money.  In fact I just spent money on dinner at a really good thai place in a really ugly strip mall.  Oh, and I spent two hundred (!!) dollars yesterday on such necessities as a straw fedora and new kitchen towels (THESE kitchen towels, as it were) and a really expensive bra.  But all that will change tomorrow...

Can I do it?  Can I go to these awesome festivals and not buy beer?  Can I do trivia without french fries?  Can I socialize without...well I guess everything that comes to mind sort of revolves around beer.

Anyway.  I'm just musing.  Does anyone care?

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