Sunday, May 22, 2011

Savings Practice

Well, I went out today and bought a bunch of kitchen implements, including some baking pans, a grill pan and some big glass jars with screw tops to (eventually) hold flour and sugar and the like.  I'm such a little homemaker at heart...and yes I cook in an apron.  I also went thrifting and got a couple new shirts that I REALLY don't need, but it's better than hitting up Cherry Creek, right?

Anyway, even though my spending diet clearly hasn't started yet, I'm already brainstorming ways to save money.  Number one is stealing those little creamers from 7-11 (well, they're free, know...I just grab a few more than I need).  This would be a great money-saving trick except I don't normally USE creamer, but hey, now they're here if I need or want them.  The best part is you can have lots of flavors at once without crowding your fridge.  Observe:

So beyond stocking up on things I don't really need, I'm still thinking of other ways to save and be creative.  The biggest part is just going to be resisting the urge to eat out whenever I want, since I'm pretty sure frivolous food is responsible for most of my spending.  Hence all the new cooking toys!

But the truth is I'm already a pretty thrifty person in a lot of ways.  I shop at thrift stores, hunt down free entertainment (more on this later) and make things like jewelry and cards and gifts for people.  Like these two cards, one for my mother on Mother's Day and one for my great-grandmother on her recent 95th birthday:

Still thinking of more good ideas though!

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