Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Heart Freebies. And Cookies.

I am now considering taking up Freeganism as a way of life.  For those of you who don't know, Freeganism is essentially dumpster-diving, or living a life that you don't have to pay for.  It's not mooching, though; Freegans only use things that would have gone to waste anyway.  If you want an interesting look at it go to and look up the movie I Love Trash.

Okay, so I'm not really going to become a Freegan.  I'll do a lot of things but I don't know if I have the time or fortitude to eat food out of the trash.  Anyway, my real point is we were cleaning some stuff out of the classroom yesterday at work and it turns out we had a massive tub of old craft supplies that the teacher didn't want, so I came home with this loot (and this isn't even a fraction of what was there):

So I'm pretty excited to craft (and maybe even sell!) some stuff with it.  Neato.

Also, I've been baking cookies for my coworkers to celebrate the graduation of one of our toughest students (I guess I should mention I work at a school for kids with behavioral and developmental issues - and by kids I mean my class is 17-21 year olds).  These were dinosaur cookies with rainbow sprinkles, by special request:

But I also do holiday cookies every year:

Although very time-consuming, sugar cookies are one of my specialties and I have a freakishly steady hand with a pastry bag.  However, I'm also currently obsessed with homemade breads and pies and cakes baked in jars, all of which are fantastic and (maybe?) cheap gift ideas.  People are going to be getting a lot of baked goods from me in the next twelve months...

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