Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Own Worst Enemy

I've been feeling inspired lately.  The problem is, I haven't felt like I've had any time to act on those feelings because of other obligations: work, errands, chores and feeling unbelievably tired.  But now I'm wondering: how many of those obligations are real and how many are just me not doing the right thing and making time for the things I love?

I have Post-It notes all over my house reading, "Are you living the life you want?"  And lately, I've been feeling more like I know what that life is and less like I've been actually living it.  I've been stressed by work, I'm not sleeping enough, I haven't acted on my creative impulses and I'm snapping at the one person who treats me far better than I think I deserve.  True, my job is very hard and I have a lot of commitments taking up my time right now, but in the end I have to be the one in control of my life.  So I'm making the following promises to myself:

1. I will practice compassion, patience and kindness to those around me at all times.
2. I will take time every day to create.
3. I will go confidently in the direction of my dreams - beginning a new job, grad school, or starting my own venture.
4. I will say yes to friends more often.
5. I will love myself and not worry about what others think.
6. I will live the life I truly want.

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